Guess what RBNY? When you treat your fans like peasants, this is what you going to get, an empty arena. People are not happy and if the team falters, it going to get worse. They are doing arena upgrades which various non confirmed sources have suggested would be potentially a standing bar area (or sports book with the potential new naming rights), which great, I excited for that in a year or two I rather have that take up space than empty seats.

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canada goose clearance sale Nah they just trying to do the „I don even care about any of this stuff y are gay for caring“ shit despite clearly caring A LOT since they get triggered and start raging at people any time they bring up anything resembling leftist politics. It really just started after that one post about some dude being a virgin on /cpt and like trans people trying to fuck him or something like that. That was a really embarrassing post lol and I think people started making fun of chapos then and there seem to be a lot of right leaning people in this sub and it kinda devolved from there into these losers getting annoyed by everything they don agree with while somehow convincing themselves that their idol nick mullen has the same politics as them. canada goose clearance sale

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