Ek said North Jersey, with Jersey City, Hoboken and Newark, did appear on Priceline’s survey of the 50 most popular destinations for Independence Day weekend (at No. 34). But that was the first time it had appeared on a most popular destination list for a holiday since August 2008, he said.

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While neither of us skates much anymore, we certainly enjoyed watching the joyous faces at the rink and feel that this was a very worthwhile addition to the holiday festivities in CW. We „participated“ as enthusiastic observers and enjoyed many a hot chocolate and warm fire as we watched the skaters perform. We understand that this addition was not to everyone’s taste, but it certainly brought a new enthusiasm and reason to visit the MarketPlace and the CW attractions.

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He gave me his Sciences textbook to show me how wrong my ideas of science were, and boy was it a pile of junk. The very first paragraph was about how anything scientists taught that contradicted the bible was wrong, and the Earth was about 6,000 years old. It went downhill from there.You might want to check whether the brand of science you were taught matches mainstream.