Mine boss says workers fate 더킹카지노unknown after four years on job

A union official in the California department of transportation says two dozen workers from five construction companies at a maintenance tunnel on a railroad bridge on California’s Central Coast have died since 2008 after working on the tunnel project with little or no safety training.

The workers began digging the tunnel last year with tunneling machines, a worker told the station KTVU.com.

After the workers began digging their route and setting up their equipment, problems appeared.

The workers were in trouble with the machinery and the tunnel began to cave in as workers stopped putting cement to secure the work and tried to move it. They called 911 but there was no emergency and authorities decided they had nothing to do with the workers‘ deaths.

Workers at the Caltrans maintenance tunnel where three of the workers died this week have yet to be identified because they are being held for questioning at the Santa Clara County Jajarvees.comil, a department of transportation spokesman said.

„If they die on the job, that’s unfortunate, and unfortunately it’s the first thing on their minds that they’re going to be out here,“ Caltrans Transportation Department spokesperson Jeff King told KRON 4. „We’re trying to save everybody’s lives.“

„That’s a serious situation,“ King said, adding that a state agency was working with the California Department of Public Health to try and determine why the workers died. King said there was njarvees.comever a sign of health hazards at the site.

The tunnel is part of a major highway project that, among other things, will link the San Francisco Bay Area with Santa Cruz and the south coastal community of San Juan Capistrano. Caltrans is seeking federal funding to pay for the tunnel.

Two of the six men and one woman who died are from Sacramento, according to Caltrans. All were on shift when they went into trouble with the machine. They were using a new version of a „factory worker training class.“

„That’s the training that has been given to the maintenance personnel since 2006 that includes some safety training on how to safely interact with mechanical devices and systems, as well as how to properly care for and operate their equipment,“ King said.

Workers told KRON 4 they were told there would be safety devices and training to help workers deal with accidents as well as emergency services.

The other worker died Monday at a different location. Authorities and relatives said she died after an internal struggle with complications from multiple surgeries.

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