Princess portrait u우리카지노nveiled for new library building in downtown Denver. (Photo by James Nielsen)

The latest addition to the River North Library’s collection, which더킹카지노 dates back to the 1800s, is the grand centerpiece.

The new library building was constructed for The Library of Congress and opened Tuesday night for private viewing.

Numerous vi바카라사이트sitors and supporters stood in the rain as the building, which includes 19 acres of floor space, opened.

Travis Williams, a visitor to the library, said he was inspired by the library’s „sketchbook“ collection.

„I really want to know how this library would look like if it came from the future,“ Williams said.

The new library is expected to be completed by mid-2018, said Jennifer McPherson, a spokeswoman for The Library of Congress.

The building’s exterior was completed in 2009, a day after a $4.7 million project to add water and electricity.

Construction of the building began in October 2010 and will last up to 20 years.

Since its construction, the riverfront has housed a variety of civic, social and religious uses.

The library serves as the meeting place for community groups and also is home to historic photos from the 1900s.